The Future of Energy Efficiency is HERE!   See About Careers in Energy Efficiency .

California has always been the leader in so many areas ranging from Hi-Tech to Bio-Tech to many other areas of Innovation.  Energy Efficiency & Sustainability is quickly becoming a growing and emerging industry as California works diligently to meet AB 32 requirements in reducing Carbon Emissions. CEES-Advisors is playing an active role in this Statewide pursuit of successful energy reduction strategies.

Transferring operational best practices and successful strategies that lead to career growth and knowledge is everyones responsibility. All of us at some point had someone "teach us" or "mentor-us" in how how we perform our skill today.  Here's a look at how we CEES-Advisors is making a difference through 

Industry Outreach & Education.    


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High -Performance Building Building Operations Professional (HPBOP) Training Program - Press Release 

Mentoring Program

Career Development Video - Watch !

All of the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU's) have programs that help customers and rate payers reduce energy consumption.  Through several statewide programs, a great amount of the energy reduction efforts made in our industry will be facilitated and lead by the IOU's. Read about CEES-Advisors involvement. 



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