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Transferring operational best practices and successful strategies that lead to career growth and knowledge is everyones responsibility. All of us at some point had someone "teach us" or "mentor-us" in how how we perform our skill today.  Here's a look at how we CEES-Advisors is making a difference through 

Industry Outreach & Education.    


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All of the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU's) have programs that help customers and rate payers reduce energy consumption.  Through several statewide programs, a great amount of the energy reduction efforts made in our industry will be facilitated and lead by the IOU's. Read about CEES-Advisors involvement. 


California has always been the leader in so many areas ranging from Hi-Tech to Bio-Tech to many other areas of Innovation.  Energy Efficiency & Sustainability is quickly becoming a growing and emerging industry as California works diligently to meet AB 32 requirements in reducing Carbon Emissions. CEES-Advisors is playing an active role in this Statewide pursuit of successful energy reduction strategies.


High -Performance Building Building Operations Professional (HPBOP) Training Program - Press Release 

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The Future of Energy Efficiency is HERE!   See About Careers in Energy Efficiency .